Welcome to the 'thoughts' section.

I aim to write about various different things here - manga, shows, books, films, and anything else that I happen to find interesting or want to write about at length. It might just be something that seems very mundane, like a silly train of thought I've found myself following.

I want to be more 'thoughtful' in general, and to be able to share my opinions on things in a clear way with others, so I'm excited to write about things here and try to do so.

Originally, I just had my journal on this site. I felt as if I wrote about lots of different things in a rather disorganised and messy way there, though, and that I didn't write about the things that I wanted to in as much detail as I really wanted to. The journal still exists, but I wanted to have a separate area for more 'well-formulated' thoughts and opinions.


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