I aim to share my thoughts and opinions on things here. Whether these thoughts are on something happening around me, a book I've read, a film I've watched or something entirely different, they'll probably go here if I find myself wanting to talk about them at length.

I tend to find that whenever I'm around most groups of people I don't often join in on conversation much unless something that I find particularly interesting comes up, and then I talk about it rather excessively. I try to make sure not to talk over or interrupt others, but I'm prone to talking for a long time without stopping. I don't usually notice whenever others think I'm getting carried away or they begin to think I'm boring, and in my experience, most people don't like to tell you until after you're done speaking (or at all).

For the most part, I wanted to add this section to my site in case I ever feel the need or want to talk about something at length and share it with someone other than myself, especially if none of my friends are particularly interested in hearing about whatever it may be.