FLCL and nonsensicality.

Entry #7


It's been a while again. Things have felt kind of overwhelming lately. It's mainly because of school. I'm supposed to start studying for my mock exams now, and I've been receiving a lot of schoolwork. (Art, in particular.) The amount of coursework required for art is... well, a lot. I have a bad habit of leaving art assignments in particular until the last minute, until the impending sense of doom freaks me out enough to make me start. It makes sense for there to be so much coursework, of course, but to make anything actually look decent I have to spend hours and hours on it, and while I really enjoy art, sitting down and starting a drawing is difficult. I've managed to finish working on the cat that I was drawing, but I still have to add in a background. It's a pencil study.

In summary, if you're ever faced with the opportunity to take art as a subject somehow, think carefully...

In other news, I've felt a lot more productive after starting to stick to a schedule. The amount of work I have to do can definitely still seem daunting sometimes, but I seem to be doing alright now. I've found time to bake quite a lot recently, and I made white chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes for my close friends this week. I'm making scones tomorrow. Knowing that I'm making food for others makes the process seem a lot more meaningful, and more enjoyable in general.

I usually don't like nonsensical things. They tend to bother me a lot. I don't like unpredictable things, either, which usually make me feel a similar way. Those who are prone to yelling, jumpy animals, unreliable people, completely senseless humour, meaningless scenes in shows; even babies. I don't like thinking of how unusual or unpredictable these things can seem. Whenever it comes to people being unpredictable, it becomes particularly bothersome, too. 'Nonsensical' isn't the only quality something might have, yes, but it usually makes said things rather intolerable. They're difficult to deal with, and if I'm surrounded by nonsensical things, it can be overwhelming. After all... how are you even supposed to respond or react to them? How do you deal with them?

I watched a show recently that seemed very nonsensical, but somehow, I still managed to enjoy it.

I watched FLCL last week. It's a really short show, so I watched it all in one night. I didn't expect to enjoy it very much, honestly, but I had a few reasons already for wanting to check it out, and I thought I'd try to step out of my comfort zone a little.

I don't even really like mecha at all. FLCL is nonsensical, and it features mecha. It was strange to me that I actually liked watching it.

While it was definitely nonsensical at times, and certain scenes seemed completely irrelevant, it also seemed to explore interesting themes under all of the 'nonsense', and it just kind of... got to me, even without that. It made me feel very nostalgic, and I wasn't even really sure what for.

The art style changed in pretty much every episode, which I really didn't like very much, but overall, I loved the art. It was great, and the characters all looked interesting. I liked the character design quite a lot. I haven't seen a lot of anime that have looked even remotely similar to FLCL, so maybe I revelled in it partly because of that.

Finally, the soundtrack for the show was absolutely great. It went really well with the show itself. If you haven't seen the show or listened to The Pillows before, I recommend that you do at least listen to some of their music. The English dub for the anime was also very nice, surprisingly enough. I never watch dubbed anime, and this was, gladly, a welcome change.

I feel like rewatching this anime would be a good idea, but I'm going to wait before I do. I don't feel like rewatching it right now. I'm not a big fan of the idea of having to rewatch something to pick up most of it or even to enjoy most of it, but I know that maybe some people like that kind of thing. I enjoyed the experience in the first place, and since the art and soundtrack are such a delight, I don't mind watching it again.

I'm not going to pretend that I understood or even enjoyed everything in the show, and I'm not going to try and pretend I think it all even means anything. I suppose others might see it all as complete nonsense, and think that the people who see some kind of underlying meaning in it are grasping at straws. I definitely wouldn't argue with anyone who felt that way. I guess it's really up to whether or not you want to try and see some kind of meaning in it. I spent my time watching it, and it makes me happy, so hey, I'm not bothered.

I really didn't expect to enjoy FLCL anywhere near as much as I did. I guess it might just be a 'love it' or 'hate it' kind of anime for most. I've heard mixed things about it, but I thought it was nice, so I thought I'd write about it here. I also don't really know many people who have seen it, and I don't want to ramble about it to people who aren't interested in it.

I feel like I've managed to reconnect with some old friends I used to be very close to, which has been nice. I'm going to spend some time with them tomorrow, which I'm excited about. (We're going to get chicken, which I'm also very excited about.) I'm also thinking of getting Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 soon, probably at Christmas. I like both games involved, even if I'm not very good at them. Hopefully I'll become more used to playing Tetris with the joycons as a result of playing the game. It's still bothersome to me, because playing with a keyboard seems so much faster. It's what I'm used to.

Last week I was sent home from school twice due to 'precautions' regarding the virus. No one around me ended up being sick, but I've missed a lot of work, and some tests, too. I have to retake them and make all of the work up, which I'll be trying to do over the weekend. I don't feel my school really provided much help to pupils who were asked to self-isolate, which is frustrating. Some teachers did more than others.

I should probably go and finish the essay that I'm writing for my English class. Stay safe, and warm! (Depending on where you live. It's very cold here right now.)