Websites are cool.

Entry #1


I can't remember exactly how I found Neocities, but I know that it wasn't long ago.

I've had an interest in websites (personal websites, in particular) ever since someone close to me sent me a link to theirs around seven months ago. They were showing me a list of books that they recommend, I believe. I immediately started to wonder why I'd never really thought about it before - personal websites and things of the sort, that is. I suppose it's probably because I've grown very used to seeing people (my peers, mainly) simply using social media platforms (eg. Instagram) to express themselves and showcase their creations, meet new people, et cetera. Maybe that's why I was so excited whenever I started exploring places on the internet like Neocities and various other sites that I managed to stumble across, since the sites that I have found have all been made in unique ways. Surely you can learn more (or at least more interesting things) about a person through that than some social media platform?

Regardless, I was able to look around this person's site and find out more about them, their opinions on things, their interests, and so on. I thought it was really interesting - and they'd made it all themselves! Considering I wasn't used to seeing sites of the sort, I was probably a little more fascinated than most people would be.

I've been thinking of actually learning HTML for the past while, but I only got around to starting on it yesterday while looking for a distraction. I tend to be pretty slow whenever it comes to learning things, so I'm glad that this has been so easy to pick up. I didn't have to spend a lot of time reading through things, not at all - I could actually make something on my own, practically straight off the bat. I think that that's really cool.

Moving on from that train of thought: why did I want to start a blog/journal? Well, maybe no one really cares, but I'll write about why I wanted to anyways.

As mentioned elsewhere, I've made it a point to keep some form of diary or journal for a long time now. I mainly do it because I'm very forgetful and often need reminders, but writing down my thoughts and feelings also helps me to process them properly, actually put them into words (helps whenever I'm trying to explain things to people) and also to look back on them and reflect. The latter is something I should be doing more of. I won't talk about that in any more depth right now, but feel free to see this, if you like. It's something that I was linked to during a discussion, and is related.

I have a tendency to go off on tangents whenever I speak to people, and whenever I write... well, it's always been for myself, so I've never really had to worry about that.

A blog (or simply some kind of online journal) seems appealing to me because I can do all of these things, and I can also share my opinions with people. You know, as opposed to just with myself. We all think about different things, right? I feel like I might as well share some of my own thoughts here. It might also help me to try not to go off on so many tangents, as I know that there's a possibility that someone will actually read these entries. Hopefully it does.

This should serve as some kind of 'introductory entry', I suppose. Information about me can be found elsewhere on this site, so an actual 'introduction' here seems kind of useless. I'll write more here as time goes on. It'll probably become a fairly regular thing, since I'm so used to writing in journals already, and this will probably become a substitute for that.