My interests

I don't always have a huge amount to say about my interests, but I've written a little about them on this page. If you want to discuss anything with me that I've mentioned here, feel free to do so.

Note: I've added an '!' after my favourite things that are listed here. I also don't speak Japanese, so please do let me know if I have made any errors when naming things.


I wouldn't say that I'm a bookworm - I haven't read that many books all in all, but reading is one of my favourite things to do whenever I get around to it.

Usually, when I'm looking for books or manga to read I gravitate towards stories that include or revolve around romance. I sometimes also read graphic novels and manhwa.

As with music, I'm up for trying just about anything. I often like when the things I read are a little sad - they don't have to be depressing, but whenever I take the time to read something I generally want to either feel something or learn something as a result.

Some of the things that I have read and enjoyed are:


I love watching anime, and I love the romance genre in particular. I'm open to trying pretty much any genre, but I'm not really all that interested in mecha, sci-fi or action. I don't mind if things related to these genres are present in a show, but I tend to quickly lose interest in shows with storylines based around these ideas.

I don't want to include a long list here, as it feels unnecessary, so you can find a more comprehensive one with ratings here.

I'm always open to recommendations for things to watch. I have a long watchlist as is which I'm gradually working my way through.

Some of my favourite shows are:


I don't make music. I just enjoy listening to it.

I listen to music a lot. I like a little bit of everything and I'm open to giving all kinds of music a listen, regardless of the genre.

I don't really listen to rap, country, Korean pop, or heavy metal much at all. I have a few public playlists available here. My music taste is kind of a mess, I suppose.

Some of my favourite artists are:


To start off with: I don't really like shooters. This comes as a disappointment to most people, but I don't play any FPS games at all anymore. I much prefer RPGs. I also find simulation and adventure games fun.

I tend to play single-player games, with a few exceptions for games like Tetris and some very relaxed games. (eg. Minecraft) This may seem out of place here, as it is generally played in person and not online, but I also enjoy playing chess.

The platforms I currently play on are PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

I grew up playing on the PlayStation and just recently got a PC and a Switch. (Feel free to ask me for my friend code if you want to play anything together.) I'm usually busy with school, studying and other hobbies nowadays, so sometimes I go for a while without playing anything. If I had more time, I would probably try some MMORPGs like WOW out, as I know they can be time sinks. One series I've dedicated a lot of time to (around 3k hours in total) is The Elder Scrolls.

I've played many games on the PS2 and the PS3 in the past, but no longer do so. I enjoyed them a lot whenever I played them and I still enjoy discussing them.

Some of the games that I like are:

If you actually read through all of that and you have anything you'd like to ask/say, or you'd like to play something together, do let me know. I'm always up for playing Tetris in particular.

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