Birdwatching is something that I enjoy a lot. It is an activity that I can very easily do alone, and I take comfort in the fact that birds can be found almost anywhere during one's day: be it on the roof of a nearby home, in a deciduous forest, or even on a pitch during a sporting match. I think, in some ways, it can make one feel a lot less alone.

If one only looks out, they will very likely be surprised by the variety that can be found, and also the sheer number of birds. When one pays attention in this way, there is much more to observe. More song to listen to, and more to become curious and excited about, in my experience.

I find watching birds very pleasant, and it can be both calming and thrilling. Whether I am watching a species that I have never encountered before and leafing through a field guide ecstatically after, or I am listening to familiar birdsong from my window in the otherwise lazy evening, it remains a relentlessly enjoyable activity, I have found.


I will most certainly not write about all of my experiences here, but I do plan to detail some, and hopefully include some footage. Mainly low-quality photographs, as all I have is a rather bad phone. Nonetheless:

Recommended Watching