This page exists in case anyone is interested in knowing a little more about me or the site. (This is a personal site, after all.)

If you read through all of this and you still want to know more about me, feel free to visit this page where I have spoken more in depth about my interests.

About me

My username on almost every online platform is Yinnaria, and I usually shorten it to Yin. Feel free to refer to me by either one. (The latter is apparently a lot easier to say, as has been pointed out by many people in the past.)

Sadly, the only language that I speak is English. I've studied French for three years and Spanish for two, so I can understand and speak a little bit of both, but I am in no way proficient in either. (My Spanish is terrible. I found studying French much easier, personally.)

Along with the mandatory subjects where I am, I am studying programming, biology, chemistry, food & nutrition, journalism and art.

My likes
My dislikes

About the site

As you'll see mentioned elsewhere if you explore any more, this website exists mainly so that I can keep a log of my thoughts and share them somewhere that isn't simply one of the numerous notebooks or journals I own.

Updating this website is something that I enjoy doing a lot, and doing so also serves as a way for me to do something at least semi-productive in my free time. I can put whatever I want here, and customise whatever I like, and I think that's really nice.

As you'll have noticed by now, the layout isn't flashy or impressive. I don't think it ever will be. I like simple things, so I'll try to keep this site simple.


This is fairly self-explanatory, but I share my thoughts here, and write a little about my life in general. Whether these thoughts are on something happening around me, a situation I've found myself in or something else, they probably go here if I find myself wanting to talk about them at length.

I talk about my feelings here quite a lot, so if you're not interested in that, maybe avoid this.


This is reserved for lengthier or more 'well-formulated' thoughts and opinions that don't really belong in the journal. I try to write about things such as films and books here. Sometimes I write about other things, as well.

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