This page simply holds some facts about me and the site.

About me

Whenever I began maintaining this website, my handle was yinnaria. I no longer use this, but have decided to continue using it here for now, for the sake of continuity. My handle now is usually pikorin (ぴこりん), which I sometimes shorten to piko (ぴこ). Feel free to refer to me by either one.

My likes
Some facts

About the site

This website isn't really dedicated to one thing in particular. It holds my reading list and some things that I've written or drawn whenever I've felt like it. It exists mainly so that I can try to learn some HTML and share my thoughts on things, and I have fun with it.

Updating this website is something that I enjoy doing a lot, and doing so also serves as a way for me to do something at least semi-productive in my free time. I can put whatever I want here, and customise whatever I like, and I think that's really nice.

As you'll have noticed by now, the layout isn't flashy or impressive. I don't think it ever will be. I like simple things, so I'll try to keep this site simple.